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by dave


Poo fry pan

$67.99 cents

Get your own amazing poo fry pan. We all know modern toilets aren't good for you, so now you can get one of these. Simply squat over the pan to poo. this instantly puts you in a healthier position for doing a faece. Then, with the amazing non stick technology simply slide the 'droppings' into the bowl once complete. Comes with handy wall hook for storage.

*shipping cost $17.99

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penis bandanas

$27.99 cents

We all know how hard it is to shake your penis for the government recommended 25-30 seconds after each toilet wee. Especially when you're in a public toilet and a grumpy old man next to you yells 'Stop it! It's had enough!'. Well now you can have your very own penis bandana to wipe the tip and keep away the drip.

Comes in 14 different colours.

*shipping cost $17.99

Buy now!
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